Can you drink at work?

I have to ask about this because it’s pissing me off. Perhaps I’m in the minority, I don’t know. I think it comes down to this – Can you drink (alcohol) at work? While working?

I’ve never had a boss or job that allowed that. I never tried, but I’m guess if I pulled out a beer I’d end up in the boss’s office in about 2 seconds flat. I’ve had some jobs where that conversation would be very shot – “get out, you’re fired”.

I suppose the main reason you can’t drink at work is well, you’d f-up your job. I know many of you may think that’s not going to happen, but I tend to think it would based on my experiences this year.

This has been the year of bad wedding DJs. Guys that can’t play music successfully, don’t have all the basic gear (like a microphone), leave the building to smoke and the music stops, cutting off songs in the middle or starting them in the middle, and more such incompetence. Yeah, I’m calling it that…or could be that every time there’s a bad DJ there’s alcohol in his hand. I counted what one DJ had, and I’m assuming I missed a drink or two as I’m working too, but he had 6 drinks – some wine (or champagne maybe), beer and a mixed drink. At another wedding the DJ was complaining to the bartender that they ran out of Captain Morgan.

Now don’t get me wrong – I drink. I drink at weddings – IF I’m a guest. But the couple of dozen times a year I attend weddings it’s to work there as their photographer. I don’t drink at work. I don’t know anyone else that drinks at work either.

So if your boss won’t let you drink at work, and your the boss when you hire a DJ for your wedding, why would you let him drink? I’m curious because I just don’t get it.
I work with a lot of good, no, great DJs, some don’t charge enough IMO, and they’re not drinking for 4 or 5 hours at work. And it shows in the way they sound.

OK, that’s the end of my rant. I’m going to go have a beer now.


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